MONA is a French brand whose origin is the meeting between a watchmaker and a designer. Very quickly, the desire to design minimal and honest watches appeared. Beyond the jewel or the accessory, these objects had to be companions of everyday life with two specific missions: to offer simple time reading and to bring the owner a feeling of luxury through noble materials. .
Watches that would above all release the humility of the people who designed them, from the first drawing in Bordeaux to the final assembly.
We are in a dynamic concerned with all the stages of creation and manufacture. This is why, from the first drawing to the first piece leaving the factory, we have ensured that everyone's work is valued.
We pay particular attention to the finish of the smallest surface, of the smallest angle, in order to be able to assert that our products have the beauty of their honesty.
Thus we make our models to order, according to the request of our customers.
MONA Watches
Montres MONAMontres MONA

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